Capricorn Goats Cheese

A wonderful soft cheese made in Cricket St Thomas, Somerset. Time’s ripe for it to be discovered by the great British public.


The brief

Capricorn is a mild goat’s cheese which is versatile in its usage. There was a need to dispel any preconceptions on taste and educate on the many ways to enjoy it.

Our response

We needed a vehicle to spread the message and that was exactly what we did, we bought a vehicle. To be exact, a trusty old Land Rover and took it on tour around Britain. We visited all the major county shows and then some handing out samples and selling the product with our professional team of ‘Brand Buddies’ and goats in tow. But this was not before we created a fun web site where we introduced our family of ‘goats with character’, tasty recipes and fun competitions. Ethel the goat became a Twitter sensation handing out advice on great seasonal recipes and the tastiest hat she had ever had the pleasure to eat.

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