The UK’s No. 2 sugar free mint brand wanted a fresh approach to reach its key audience and boost sales in independent sandwich bars.


The brief

Smint definitely punches above its weight where it comes to size vs strength. This tiny mint in its tidy dispenser packaging is both premium and aimed at the adult market as an on the go breath freshener. Smint wanted to highlight times of the day when having a pack handy would be good.

Our response

We identified that the two most frequent occasions when we could use a little help to refresh our breath was after a coffee break or lunch. Armed with that information we set out to tell our key audience. Where better to find them then on the morning commute and in their offices. With that in mind we targeted the main railway stations in major cities offering free samples with our team of Brand Buddies. So they could check out the effectiveness of these powerful little mints we offered discount deals through Upper Crust and The Pasty Shop concessions located in the stations. Then our intrepid teams trundled their boxes of freshness into the receptions of major companies delivering free single packs in an attractive dispenser to refresh visitors and staff alike. Not stopping there we visited thousands of independent sandwich bars in the area offering them a cool deal on a Smint tower.

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