BiC Pens

Making this ubiquitous pen relevant to a young audience where novelty appeals to their purchase choice.


The brief

The run-up to the exam period is a time of great stress for all those involved. BiC is the market leader in disposable ball point pens famed for their simplicity in design and most importantly, reliability. Offering a great range of coloured inks and highlighter pens what better partner to aid study then this design icon. Our job was to make this relevant and fun with a communication route which would appeal to our target audience.

Our response

While we needed to communicate the serious reason for the purchase there had to be a fun reward element. As the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jacques a very dull person. What better way then to offer them a chance to win tickets to one of the major music festivals as a reward after all their hard work. But that wasn’t all. We managed to offer an instant win for a £10 iTunes vouchers via a unique code on pack. Redemption was done via the BiC Facebook page which helped boost their likes as well as building BiC’s database to communicate future promotions and events.

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